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Principal’s Message

From the Desk of Principal

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela


At The Oriental School, we strongly believe in this quote. We empower our students with this tool and help them use it wisely to shape the world. As the school Head, it is my duty to ensure that all my students learn to think intensively and critically to find the right direction in their respective lives.

The Preparation for a Purposeful life-journey begins with the development of skills like   Critical Thinking and Reasoning while learning the Concepts. The teachers at The Oriental School share a special connection with the students, helping them to understand and respect the different perspectives, thus making them the global citizens in real sense. We believe that each one is Unique and we respect that uniqueness in each child.

I personally believe that compassion and empathy are the two values that help us connect with each other and make us more humane. These values are the most important cultural threads of TOS that help in weaving the character of our little Orientalites.

So when your child enters in TOS, be assured that s/he is at the right place with right people! We take care that we nourish the roots so that the base is strong and our young saplings, can stand straight with pride, believing in self!

Swapna A. Aphale

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