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Founder’s Message

From the Desk of Founder

As a Founder of The Oriental School and Oriental Group, I am duty-bound that every kid of our school excels in his chosen field when he goes to college to acquire the higher studies. The Oriental School always philosophies, fulfilling the needs of every child. Children learn the skill and grasp knowledge very quickly if we cater and develop the premises stimulating, learning-friendly and purposeful.

The school, apart from academic excellence and inculcating intellectual curiosity into the students is devoted to helping them discover and re-discover their in-built talents and potentials. It encourages them to adopt good habits, develop positive attitude and human values.

I feel humbled and sincerely respect the faith and responsibilities that have been entrusted upon my institution, by the parents. I assure you that we will not leave any stone unturned to nurture the career of your wards to the best of our abilities.


Dr K.L Thakral