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Class 1 and 2

Class 1 and 2

Our Primary wing includes classes I to V and it runs in the morning session. We aim at developing our students’ abilities to acquire valuable information, adjust with changing expectations, to be flexible, irrepressible and insightful. We develop their aptitude towards exploration, pondering and converting their ideas into action.

Area of Focus in Curriculum
Our prospectus is planned in a way that it must facilitate in creating a compact foundation in basic understanding and appreciation of English, Hindi, Bengali/Sanskrit or Punjabi which is provided as a Second Language option. We also offer German or French as a Third Language. Other subjects which are proffered include Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, Information Technology and Our Surroundings – Mother Earth and its wonders. The primary school programme facilitates our students to participate in blocks of learning time that is dedicated specifically to the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy skills. In addition, students also chip in with committed tutoring in the areas of Music and Physical Development.

Objective of the Curriculum
Our Primary Education Programme prepares students to be intellectual, pioneering and intercontinental as well as responsible and considerate, who place the wellbeing of others before self. Our aim is to develop in our children a sense of willingness to cuddle the tests of our century as prospects to make a difference. Our teachers hold a concerted methodology to learning, associating miscellaneous interests and empowering rich learning practises for the learners.

Methods We Follow
Our Primary Programme is focused on our students and our pedagogic decisions flow from the same point. We follow the methods of observation. We believe in listening to students’ point of view without interrupting them in order to encourage them. We create a challenging environment to generate a sense of enquiry. Reciprocal communications are provided and we believe in giving platforms where valuable information is shared between students and teachers. We firmly believe that optimal learning outcomes require a firm balance and partnership between home and school. Accordingly, we provide clear and constant communications on regular intervals. We also inspire as well as invite our parents to participate in the learning environment of the school.

Discipline and Behaviour
We believe that this is the stage of the child’s life when he/she learns the ropes of discipline and schedules. We are particular about school timings and attendance. Unnecessary absence from school is not appreciated as children fall way behind their course. Parents are requested to ensure that school rules are upheld and honoured.



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