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Security – A Safe Environment Is Essential For Learning
We think of children as our most precious resource, and their safety is acutely important to us. At our school, we are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment in which your child can learn and grow without physical or emotional threat or intimidation. We believe that safety in our school is the key to academic success of each and every student. Therefore, school security is a responsibility we take very seriously, while still maintaining a warm and welcoming learning environment.

Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident
As a parent we want you to feel completely comfortable and confident in the safety of your child at school. Which is why at our school, we take no chances with security measures. We ensure that your child is safe from all kinds of violence, external as well as internal. Emergency preparedness plans are in place for a variety of crisis situations. These plans have been drawn up after consulting with experts and are reviewed and updated periodically. Fire and safety drills are regularly scheduled so that students and staff are completely aware of what they must do in case a real emergency arises. Our school adheres to a demanding safety code, complete with access to fire and security equipment at regular intervals. Equipment is checked on a regular basis and replaced when necessary. We also have a strong partnership with the local police department to ensure total security of our staff and students.

Improved Relationships Mean Safer Schools
We use a number of tools to keep our students secure, including fostering better relationships between students and teachers. Students are encouraged to report any instance of threat or violence at once. We have also undertaken a zero-tolerance policy against any kind of bullying, physical or verbal, which is also reviewed from time to time. Respect for other’s differences and their beliefs is a cornerstone of our institution, which we firmly believe is the essential element for building harmonious relationships.

Vigilant And Watchful

Even with all our physical security measures like cameras in hallways, key cards, and locked doors, we maintain the human element in school security. School boards and faculty meet with parents to listen to their concerns and suggestions. From teachers and administrators to cafeteria staff and bus drivers, everyone plays an active part in keeping our school safe. Any and all reports about violation of a student’s security are taken very seriously and are dealt with effectively and promptly. Everyone has a right to enjoy their time at our school, free from fear.

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