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Wi-Fi / Network

Wi-Fi / Network

The Internet of Things
Besides connecting us as a global community and facilitating our sense of belonging to a greater world, the internet has aided learning like never before. The National Science Foundation realised the potential of the internet as a learning tool back in 1998. They stated that it “facilitates the accumulation and presentation of data; and enables communication, interaction, and collaboration among students and instructors to improve the practice of teaching and the experience of learning.” Today we live in a world where technology has become absolutely ubiquitous. And at our school, we do our best to implement new technology that will best serve the learning needs of our students and offer professional development opportunities for our teachers.Because Learning Happens Everywhere and At Anytime

The principal benefit that Wi-Fi offers is mobility to learn anywhere and everywhere. In our school, we do not want students to be restricted to a limited number of computers that have access to the internet, like the computer lab or libraries. Our digital world has also become mobile; smartphones and tablets are the norm. We find that wireless internet connectivity provides our students and teachers the ability to truly harness the full potential of these instruments as learning devices, while increasing collaboration and productivity. Without access to Wi-Fi, we would be blocking access to a generation of smart devices, most of which are easier to use than traditional computers. Implementation of the latest technology combined with enthusiastic teachers gives our students the freedom to learn wherever and whenever they want.Vital To a 21st Century Learning Environment

Access to Wi-Fi has allowed us to bring the digital world into the classroom. Lessons become more interactive as they are no longer restricted to textbooks alone. Teachers and students now have easy access to a wealth of online resources, content and materials. Wi-Fi availability also opens up a window for collaboration with peers from across the globe. Students can share project ideas, presentations and coursework, leading to more informed learners.

Security Is Of the Highest Importance
We take great care to ensure that security of our network is given the highest importance. All data is completely safeguarded and we employ advanced filtering software that blocks any undesirable sites. Access to social media and other networking sites is decidedly restricted. Our teachers are trained to use information communication technology successfully and they share this practice with the students.

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