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Fee Rules


Fee rules – Minimum Hassle and Discomfort
We know that paying fees is a tedious task and at our school we do our best to ensure that we avoid inconvenience and time wastage while paying your child’s fees. We also plan the fees in such a way that there are absolutely zero hidden costs. Admissions are based on admission rules.

Fee Structure

Parents are expected to read the rules & regulations very carefully related to the fee structure laid down in the school diary/Website. The management reserves the right to revise the fee structure in every academic session and any any objection in this regard will not be entertained by the management. Once the fee structure has been finalised by the management committee, all fees have to be deposited by ONLINE MODE ONLY on or before the due dates.
1st Quarter (April, May, June) 31st March Post 31st March, Fine of Rs 20/- per day will be charged
2nd Quarter (July, August, September) 20th June Post 20th June, Fine of Rs 20/- per day will be charged
3rd Quarter (October, November, December) 20th September Post 20th September, Fine of Rs 20/- per day will be charged
4th Quarter (January, February, March) 20th December Post 20th December, Fine of Rs 20/- per day will be charged

Fees are to be paid by ER only. Even if a student is seeking admission to our school in the middle of a semester, school tuition fees will have to be paid in full. Transport fees will have to be paid from the current month onwards. Parents are strongly advised to pay their children’s fees in full and on time to avoid any inconvenience to themselves, their kids and the school. The students whose fees repeatedly fall into arrears will not be given attendance and are even liable to be debarred from terminal examinations until their dues are cleared. If you need further clarifications about our school fee payment and structure, feel free to speak to someone in our office.



  • Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, Transport Fee, Annual Fee, Mess Fee is Non Refundable & Non Transferable.
  • Security is Refundable & Non Transferable.
  • Parents are supposed to pay 12 months Tuition fee of the ward to the school. Transport fee (Optional) will be payable for 11 months (First 2 months fee with 1 Qtr & rest 9 months fee with other remaining 3 Qtrs.). For New Admissions, it will be charged from the month of admission.
  • In case of new admission, Annual charges will be charged for the whole session & has to be paid fully with 1st Installment only.



  • The school transport facility is an optional service
  • The transportation charges are payable on quarterly basis for 11 months (First 2 months fee with 1st Qtr & rest 9 month fees with remaining 3 Qtrs.)
  • Transportation fee slabs are as per the distance (From school/Stop).

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