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General Rules


The Values We Promote
Education is so much more than book learning alone. It is training children to become strong, responsible and independent adults. This is why, at our school, we do not see the rules as a long list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. They are more of a basic philosophy of our school and a list of values promoted by us. We have set our school rules to promote an effective learning environment, a supportive teaching atmosphere and to help foster mutual respect between the staff and students.

Our School Rules
At our school, the rules are implemented consistently, fairly and reasonably. We have taken a lot of effort to keep the rules clear and consistent and expect all our students to follow them diligently.

  • Students shall always show proper respect for their own property, the property of others and school property when they are at school and even on their way to school and back home. They shall also be respectful with their language, gestures and behaviour at all times.
  • Once on school premises, no student can leave without explicit written permission from the Headmaster or a teacher. If a student cannot remain at school for some inclement reason, a parent or guardian will be expected to come pick them up.
  • Students may not leave a classroom without a pass, which will be filled and signed by their teacher, even if they are going to the nurse’s office.
  • Play fighting and rough games that involve pushing or hurting people are strictly not tolerated in school and on the way to and from school as well. Students could hurt themselves or other students while playing these games.
  • Administrative staff, school custodians and teachers should be always spoken to courteously and respectfully.
  • All conflicts and disagreements will be resolved in a non-violent manner. If a student has a problem, they should approach their teacher or the proper authority immediately.
  • Our hallways are not for racing or loitering. Students are supposed to keep to the left hand side while moving through the corridors to avoid congestion. Also, we request you to use the proper doorways while entering and exiting the building.
  • We do not let our student carry knives and other implements that could be potentially dangerous. Students are also not allowed to carry their cameras, radios, MP3 players, electronic games, toys, etc. to class unless they have permission to do so.
  • We expect excellent attendance and punctuality from all our students. We consider it essential for their academic success.

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