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Withdrawal Rules


Mid-term withdrawal:

  • Application for withdrawal of students from the school should be submitted in writing at the school admission cell.
  • In case of TC application, fee will be charged for the entire quarter.
  • The school leaving certificate will be issued only after all dues are cleared, Library books are returned & all documents are found in order.
  • The Annual charges will be refunded on Pro-rata basis. The parents will only have to pay the annual charges till the month of TC application/ student attended the school.
  • If in case TC is granted to any student & in the same academic session if he/she request for readmission, then Admission fee will be charged along with other fee heads .
  • Tuition fee, Transportation fee and annual charges of the entire month have to be paid till the child studied in the school. Part of a month will be treated as 1 month in
    such cases.

Session end withdrawal:

  • If the child has to be withdrawn before commencement of the new session parents must apply in writing one month prior, failing which midterm withdrawal rules will be

Refund of caution money:

  • Transfer Certificate & Caution Money will only be processed after the submission of written application by the parent.
  • Apply for the Caution money cheque along with the TC.
  • The caution money shall be refunded after three months from the date of issue of the transfer certificate. The claim of caution money will lapse on the completion of the three months period. In case of pending dues the sum receivable by school will be adjusted against the caution money.

Re-Admission charges:

  • If for consecutive 3 quarters fee is unpaid, then in that case the name of the student is liable to be struck off from the school records. If parent wishes to re admit their ward then re-admission processing fee Rs. 5000/- will be charged (subject to availability of seats).
  • If the child remains absent for 30 continuous days without prior permission or information, then school has the authority to strike off the name of the child. if child returns after the period of 30 days or more, then it will be treated as re-admission which will be at sole discretion of the Principal & Rs. 5000/- will be charged as re-admission/processing fee (Subject to seat availability).

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