Day Care & Meal Facilities – Best School in Bhopal

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Day Care & Meal Facilities


  • Your child is in safe hands even after school from 12 noon to 5:30 in the evening even when you are away at work!
  • A comfortable stay in AC rooms.
  • Specific clubs conducting activities like storytelling, music, drawing, painting, outdoor sports like sand play, splash pool, basic science activities and word games to give the children an edge over their counterparts.
  • A clean and hygienic kitchen serving delicious organic vegetarian food.
  • A nutritious and well balanced diet combining salads, fruits and nuts, grains and pulses, fruits, vegetables and yummy dessert.
  • Medical facility – full time nurse and well equipped medical room
  • Trained teachers and service staff to make children feel safe, loved and protected!


We provide tasty and nutritious meals in breakfast and lunch. We have a weekly menu which will ensure that children consume a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins for their growing bodies and that they always maintain good health.

Nutritional information will be provided at all times for all ages of children as part of the values that the school nurtures in their students.