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Library Rules


The school library is open to all bonafide students of the school. All the classes are provided with one library period per week. The students should observe the following to rules:

  • All students must come to the library in a single file according to their roll numbers.
  • They must maintain absolute silence in the library.
  • The library has an ‘open access system’, i.e., the children are allowed to go directly to the shelves and take a book of their choice.
  • All students must keep the books back on the same numbered shelf after reading.
  • Maintain order and organization in the library.
  • Maximum of two books will be issued to a student.
  • The students of classes IV onwards can be issued one Hindi or one English book every fortnight for a period of one week.
  • They must return their library books at the counter according to their roll numbers.
  • Until the previously issued book is returned, students will not be eligible for fresh issue.
  • No Reference Book will be issued to any student.
  • Books marked, disfigured, damaged, or lost will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower apart from a fine of Rs. 100/- per book.
  • Students are not allowed to bring their personal books or belongings into the library.
  • Each student must bring his/her Almanac and a pen to the library.
  • They must keep a track of books read by them in their library record in the Almanac.
  • Any student found damaging or defacing a book repeatedly will be debarred from availing library facilities for the whole academic year.
  • Writing, marking or underlining in library books is strictly forbidden.
  • If it is not returned on the due date, Rs. 5/- per book per day will be fined.
  • In case there is a holiday or absenteeism students should return their books on the next working day.
  • Any damage or loss of page should be in?mated to the librarian before gettng the book issued.
  • All library books should be returned before the Annual Examination.

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